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Achieving excellence in online learning and teaching.

An online learning platform empowering students and teachers.

School Ninja is a comprehensive online learning platform to empower teachers and educators to create enriching learning experiences for their students with engaging digital classroom spaces. School Ninja is both an LMS (Learning Management System) and social learning community, designed to engage and support student learning at school, at home and in remote learning.

Focusing on engaging students and celebrating learning

School Ninja has been built with the students at the centre, and gives teachers the tools they need to enrich the learning for their students through comprehensive course creators, interactive digital classroom spaces and student data and analytics. We have streamlined the entire learning process to make online learning more accessible and more valuable. And simplified the digital classroom spaces to allow teachers the time they need to create enriching content to not only teach their students, but foster their students to take agency in their own learning.

Discover how you can create engaging online courses and combine them with innovative digital classrooms to promote a positive learning culture for your students.

Everything a classroom is, but online.

School Ninja allows teachers and schools to create exciting online classrooms to complement the classroom. Our digital classrooms are equipped with all the elements of a real classroom including checking online attendance, hosting virtual classrooms with Zoom, uploading course content, setting homework tasks and measuring student performance and more.

Discover how you can use our digital classes to create engaging learning spaces to support your students more effectively in remote learning. 

Streamline content for your online classes all in the one place.

School Ninja focuses on streamlining content delivery to assist teachers in the classroom. Built by teachers for teachers, School Ninja creates a digital learning space for educators to deliver online courses, run online classes and monitor the learning journey.

Schools and teachers can connect directly with students and parents in their school community to share school content, homework tasks and run online classes. It allows teachers the ability to understand how their students learn through data analysis and more effectively identify areas for support.

School Ninja is available as a website on desktop and laptops, or a web application on mobile phones and tablets.

Start your online teaching journey today.

Create collaborative online courses for consistent learning across year levels.

Teachers can collaborate to write online courses and quizzes which can be delivered to entire class groups to unify the learning throughout year levels.

Schools can create entire online communities with a focus on celebrating education. Our unique social learning framework allows students access to digital classrooms and learning spaces and communicate safely online with their teachers. Schools can also create co-curricular groups, promote annual events and allow parents and students share in the learning journey in a private, secure network.

Differentiate content to support diverse learning levels

Catalogue achievements and learning outcomes allows teachers to identify strengths early and differentiate student learning to give every student the chance for success.

Teachers have full access to extend, monitor and catalog student outcomes to prevent overlap in content from year to year and allow more controlled topic extension for talented students. Teachers can grant students access to extra content while giving extra support to those who need it most.

Students will be challenged in their knowledge to identify learning needs and give more effective support in their online study.

Gamify elearning modules to celebrate academic milestones.

School Ninja celebrates elearning and makes use of gamification to engage students in their learning journey, to support them in building knowledge and celebrate academic milestones.

How we support better learning online

Engage students with innovative online coursework
  • Create an immersive learning environment where students can have the freedom to self drive their own learning.
  • Create online coursework with clear goals and outcomes to allow students more understanding about where the course is leading them.
Catalog the learning journey with achievements and certificates
  • Students gain achievements and certificates when completing coursework.
  • When moving from year to year, or between schools students have a record of their academic achievements to catalog their learning journey.
Set date specific tasks, due work and to-do’s
  • Teachers can set due work tasks and to-do’s for their classes. All homework and to-do’s are compiled for students on their profile allowing more clarity of work expectations. 
  • Parents can see to-do’s of their family members allowing them to support learning outcomes at home.
Collaborative course content
  • Teachers can collaborate to create online courses, self marking quizzes and assessments tailored to their classes.
  • Faculties can design course content which can be shared with entire year levels.
  • Teachers can cross collaborate to produce content with teachers from other schools.
Communicate with students and parents online
  • Develop students’ online social skills by communicating with teachers and parents through School Ninja class groups and messenger.
  • Students build confidence and competency in using digital learning systems and interacting in digital spaces.
Use data analytics to support learning
  • Use data to measure student outcomes with metrics on engagement, quiz attempts and results. 
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses early to differentiate course content and support positive outcomes. 
Create shared learning experiences
  • Teachers and schools can allow parents to be more involved in the learning journey and see upcoming homework tasks and complete online courses.
  • Teachers can share course and curriculum content with parents so they can share in the learning journey from home.
Record online lessons with Zoom! + Develop learning skills across multiple devices
  • We’ve integrated our entire platform to run with Zoom! So you can record and manage live lessons right on your classroom page. 
  • By promoting learning through desktop, tablet and mobile devices students develop key skills in technological growth.
School Ninja marketplace

Buy and sell engaging resources and digital coursework to share with your classes from the School Ninja Marketplace.