Digital Classrooms

Virtual classrooms with everything online classes need

Here at School Ninja we believe that setting up a digital learning space shouldn’t add extra work. We’ve developed digital classrooms that are powerful, but streamlined, so that you don’t need to spend valuable time formatting pages. It all just works. And every aspect has been tailored to allow you to communicate with your classes online and foster positive learning experiences.

Come and find out how you can transform your online classes with our unique virtual learning spaces. Our digital classrooms are fully integrated with Zoom recordings and are packed with options to embed video content and documents, link with online coursework and quizzes, set homework and date specific tasks, upload course materials and much more.

Set date specific to-do’s with automatic student reminders

Setting homework tasks and to-do’s for students has never been easier with the ability to create date specific homework tasks for students.

Not only can you set the priority of the tasks for your students, but each student has a personalised list of tasks on their own profile combining to-do’s from each of their classes!

Students can prioritise their homework tasks, mark tasks as complete and easily see upcoming assignments and assessments. Parents can see the tasks right on their profiles allowing them to more clearly support learning from home.

Promote collaborative learning through class forums

Encourage online discussion through the classroom forums right inside your digital classroom. Add course content, unit outlines, embed Google drive folders, Google docs, Office 365 documents, Youtube videos and more. 

You can even use the forums to segment your content into specific areas of study and promote student collaboration and peer to peer learning directly in the classroom.

From year to year you can build on your curriculum to develop comprehensive online resources for your students. When your students graduate from your classes, their posts are automatically removed allowing you a clean slate for the new year.

Gamify learning with points, rewards and progressive learning

Energise and reward your students with challenging online coursework. Set quizzes with must pass criteria and reward those who succeed with digital points, badges and rewards. Foster a positive learning environment where students can truly celebrate learning milestones while quizzes and lesson checks will identify your students who need more support.

You can even automate and differentiate coursework based on results and automatically release future quizzes and courses based on your students’ results to create truly progressive learning modules.

Run and record live lessons with Zoom

Create innovative live virtual classrooms by recording lessons through Zoom and manage all recordings from inside your class. 

Whether you are running remote lessons for your students to join live, or simply want to create video snippets to explain a specific topic, you can record your classes and list all recorded lessons so only your students can access them. You can schedule future lessons, or record your live lessons in class for students who are learning from home.

We can even create a Basic Zoom account for you and integrate it with your class, or your school can link it directly with your account.

Send messages and @mentions to students, full classes and parents​

Communicating with your class has never been easier with direct messages, group messages and @mentions. Whether following up on late assignments, sending a class reminder, or setting work for the class, each classroom can send messages quickly to some or all students in your class.

Send quick and professional messages to students and parents together, or just parents to maintain strong communication with families.