Quiz Builder

Build your own quizzes to check understanding and build knowledge

Here at School Ninja we love quizzes. But not just quizzes. We love multiple choice questions, surveys, polls, extended answer questions, free-choice and even fill in the blank.

Using School Ninja’s Quiz Builder you can build powerful quizzes to build understanding with 8 different question types as well as embedding video content. You can then share these quizzes with your students or attach the quiz to a lesson or topic in the Course Builder to integrate the quiz directly into your lesson sequence.

School Ninja’s Quiz builder is designed to allow you to build feature rich quizzes to share with your students and even check their progress. Getting started is easy with the default settings all ready to create beautiful quizzes in just a few steps.

The best part about School Ninja quizzes is that you can view detailed metrics for all of your students who have attempted (or not attempted the quizzes) to best support their learning. And for those who want some more powerful features there are a range of advanced settings so you can adjust to get even more insights from your students.