Sell Teaching Resources

Sell your teaching resources online on the School Ninja marketplace

As a teacher you know your content the best – and you know how your students like to learn: through clever graphics, interesting PowerPoint slides, educational videos, smart quizzes and more. You’ve put hours of your time into collecting the best material, you’ve laid it out and you know that it helps your students learn your topic.  Why not share your work with other teachers and sell your resources?

At School Ninja we provide you with a unique marketplace where you can sell your teaching material directly to students and teachers for free! And feature your products directly on the School Ninja Marketplace. Not only this, but we have some of the most competitive rates for teachers selling resources online with you taking home 70% of the sale price of your products and resources.

  • Free seller & buyer accounts
  • Easy to set up
  • Make extra money on top of your teaching salary
  • Dashboard to review your resources & sales
  • Monthly pay out for resources you’ve sold
  • Upload your material for teachers to download or embed as assets into School Ninja courses

Check out how how to guide to become a Vendor on School Ninja and sell your resources online.

Getting paid for your teaching material

Payments for teaching resources are managed through School Ninja. That way both you as a vendor and the buyer of your material are protected. When another teacher buys your lesson plan or teaching material we take the payment on your behalf. 

Your vendor account with School Ninja is entirely free and you can put up as many teaching resources as you like. School Ninja just takes a small percentage of your sale as commission. 

Payments are paid out monthly in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. You can review the resources that you have put up for sale along with your earnings in your dashboard. 

Why wait? Sign up for a free account, upload your teaching material and let your resources make you money in your sleep.

Create & sell the best online courses with our Course Builder!

We empower teachers to turn resources into great teaching material that makes an impact on students’ learning. 

Not only can you sell your worksheets, lesson plans and printable resources, you can also use School Ninja’s powerful Course Builder to create and sell online courses to students through the platform.

If you are looking to share your coursework and give back to the teaching community, then we encourage you to become a Publisher and sell or share your material to the School Ninja marketplace. 

Publisher accounts are Free!

Registering as a publisher on School Ninja to sell resources through the online store is completely free. To apply simply create an account and head to Publisher Dashboard to apply to be a Vendor.

In order to sell your resources you will need to register for an ABN or ACN. An ABN is a unique Australian Business Number which identified you as operating a business. When you sell your resources through School Ninja, your ABN will identify you as the owner of the resources. 

How much do I get paid for my sales

School Ninja acts as the agency of sale for the products you sell through the website. School Ninja will take 30% of the sale price + $0.30 which includes all transaction and transfer fees, handling fees, listing fees and premium support.

This means that you get to take home nearly 70% of every sale and won’t have any extra fees or surprise payments to School Ninja.

How do I add products

We have created a great how-to guide for creating new products on your account and selling your resources online here