Online Tutoring Platform

Maximise your online tutoring with dedicated virtual tutoring classes

As teachers, we understand the importance for tutors and students to have safe, professional online spaces for online tutoring. 

We have made sure that our fantastic suite of online teaching resources are accessible for tutors to deliver great online tutoring services. Our website features dedicated spaces for online teaching, managing classes and even booking tutoring services.

Tutors can create their own digital classrooms to manage their online lessons and invite students and parents to join virtual tutoring classrooms. Virtual classrooms are fully integrated with Zoom video conferencing and have access to a suite of online teaching resources.

Create virtual classes and digital classroom spaces

As a tutor you will have full access to School Ninja’s Digital Classroom spaces. Here you can personalise your own tutoring environment with custom banner images, announcements, create and manage Zoom bookings, invite students and parents to join your classes. You can also send direct messages and @mentions, create online learning discussions and support spaces with class discussion forums and set to-do’s and homework tasks.

Click here to find out more about School Ninja Digital Classrooms.

Feature, sell and manage your tutoring services

Sell your tutoring services directly through our “Find a Tutor” page. Here you can create your own services, set availability, set payment and create automatic Zoom meetings. 

Featuring in the Find A Tutor Tutors page and promoting your tutoring services is a free service. School Ninja acts as an agent to sell your tutoring services and takes a small commission to manage your bookings. For more information about commission rates refer to our Terms of Service.

Manage bookings easily and take payments

Payments for your tutoring services are all managed with School Ninja, so both parties are protected. When a student or parent books your services we take the payment on your behalf and set payments to all tutors according to our Terms of Service.

Where there is an issue with payment, School Ninja offers some mediation services to support both parties. More information about Mediation can be found in our Terms of Service. You can see and manage all payments in your Bookings page.

Create and sell engaging online courses

One of the best ways to develop your portfolio as a specialist in your subject area is by creating custom course material. Using the Online Course Builder you can create exciting online courses, lessons and quizzes for your students to complete. You can even feature and sell your online courses in the School Ninja Marketplace.

Find out more about our course builder.

Host group tutoring classes and online lectures for multiple students

Create tutoring classes for multiple students is easy with the extensive Tutorial Booking System. Setup your tutoring sessions so that multiple students can attend at once and elect any number of students who can attend, based on the number of students you wish to teach. 

This could include tutorial groups of 1-5 students for intensive tutorial sessions, or even up to 100 students for lecture style presentations.

By allowing multiple students to attend tutorials for individual subjects you can not only increase affordability per student, but increase the overall income potential for your classes.

Online Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Online Tutoring Platform cost?

In order to use School Ninja for your online tutoring, you will need to register for either our Tutors Essentials Plan or Teacher Pro Plan. Both plans allow tutors to create a single virtual tutoring classroom where you can integrate your own Zoom account and have full access to a suite of fantastic online tutoring extras.

What is included in the platform?

School Ninja offers an exciting digital tutoring environment which allows tutors to manage all of their online resources in one place. As a tutor you will have a dedicated tutors group which allows you to make announcements, post online material, create Zoom meetings, create online quizzes and courses. You can schedule meetings with your students and invite parents into the classroom spaces as well.

How does the Tutors Essentials Plan differ to the Teacher Pro plan?

The main difference between the Tutors Essentials Plan and Teacher Pro Plan is that Teacher Pro can create up to 10 digital classrooms, whereas the Tutors Essentials Plan can have 1. If you feel that you need more than one Digital Classroom, you can always upgrade and downgrade as necessary. 

If I downgrade to the free account will I lose my virtual classroom?

No. Unless due to idle accounts as required for data privacy, we will not delete your virtual classrooms. Even if you downgrade to a free account, your classrooms will remain active until you need them again. When you upgrade your account, you will have access to all the courses you created in your account. At any stage you can request to download or delete your data. For more information about how your data is kept on School Ninja you can visit our Privacy Policy page.

Can I add students directly to my virtual classroom?

As a tutor you can invite students into your classroom, but you won’t be able to add them directly to your virtual classrooms. If your students and their parents don’t yet have a membership, they can sign up for free at You can also send them an invite link to sign up from inside your classroom.

Do I need to have insurance to be a tutor?

As a tutor you are running a personal business, and whether you have insurance for your business is a decision you will need to make. It is important to consider that while offers software and ecommerce solutions to allow you to sell and manage your online tutoring services, School Ninja memberships do not include insurance for you or your tutoring services. As such, it is essential that you review the School Ninja Terms of Service to understand your obligations as a tutor.

Does School Ninja mediate customer complaints and payment issues?

Where Tutoring services are booked through School Ninja, we will support you through mediation of payment disputes as School Ninja acts as the Agent in the sale. 

Do I need a Working With Children’s Check to access the Tutors Essentials plan?

Yes. If you are over the age of 18 and tutoring someone under the age of 18, you are required to hold current and valid accreditation to working with children. This can either be a current Working With Children’s Check or a valid Teacher Registration for your State or Territory. If you don’t currently have a Working With Children’s Check you can head to our WWCC FAQ page for more information.